Head of the AI department


Convinced that the future belongs to AI and robotics and that technological singularity is inevitable, Dr. Fahd Ouatik is part of the 4th Industrial Revolution. He therefore joined Almaxyra & Company with the mission to participate in the transformation of education in Morocco by democratizing recent educational technologies, to enable future generations to exceed themselves and become major players in innovation.

Holding two bachelor’s degrees, the first in physical sciences option: electronics and industrial systems then the second in mathematical and computer engineering; Also holds a master’s degree in science and technology option: computer and systems engineering, Dr. Fahd’s academic background was crowned by a PhD in Computer Science and Electronics from Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech under the theme: Remote electronics laboratory, autonomous and decision-making via the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence algorithms.

He also participated, as a developing member in several projects, among others, the training project L3-EOLES « Electronics & Optics e-Learning for Embedded Systems » and the ERASMUS project E@Lives « E-Learning Innovative Engineering Solutions ».

In addition, Dr. Fahd has key skills and qualities that add value to the firm. With a profile combining research and development, academic engineering, technicality and sales management, Dr. Fahd is ready to meet all challenges he faces.