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SANBOT : an innovative and smart solution for businesses.

Sanbot is the perfect blend of man and machine. It is an ergonomically designed robot that improves the customer experience and business productivity.
It is equipped with 12 wheels, 60 sensors, including infrared sensors to detect humans and objects as well as a PIR sensor to avoid them; space sensors; sensors connected to a remote control for a perfect knowledge of its environment and for easy movement.
Physically, it is equipped with seven microphones used for localization, voice recognition and commands. It has a security camera, three 3D cameras and two perspective cameras manufactured by Sony, enabling facial recognition, depth perception and user interaction.
Sanbot has touch sensors on the head, arms, back and on the chest, allowing the user to activate the Sanbot and get different reactions from it. It has a 1080p resolution touch screen provided by Panasonic and a 720p resolution projector.

The Sanbot is the perfect robot for companies looking to stand out and offer better services to their customers. It can be used in many sectors such as health, education, events, tourism, like hotels and airports and many others.


A robot can now replace a hostess. It has the ability to greet guests, to record important information and then transmit it, but also to communicate and exchange as if it were a human being itself. The main purpose of this type of robot is to interact and entertain guests.
Taking the decision to replace a hostess by a robot is the opportunity to get an efficient service while creating an animation around the event, which remains a new service.

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