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Almaxyra & Company is a consulting firm that also offers learning programs and services in artificial intelligence to its clients.
We assist companies in the strategic planning process and provide practical solutions to help them sustainably improve their performance.
We excel specifically in key sectors that contribute to Africa’s socio-economic growth and development.

Why Almaxyra & company?

Creating real value and the success of our customers means everything to us!
Today’s world is volatile, complex and uncertain. A technological and social revolution is underway, due to the current economic situation, the evolution of new technologies, but also due to the growing expectations of consumers.
Consumers, who are looking for immediate and continuous availability of services. We are, then, at your side to help you face these uncertainties with agility.
For us, collaboration and flexibility are the keys to meeting the challenges of an ever-changing world.

High Technology

We provide our clients with androids and humanoids robots, in order to bring them new solutions and offer them a competitive advantage. With advanced technologies, our customers can make a difference, unleash new potential within the organization, increase satisfaction levels and add value to their business.

Full Range of Services

We believe that a successful strategy is a strategy implemented by our clients. Therefore, we assist our clients in decision-making, exploring and proposing the best strategic options to deal with any kind of change.
At Almaxyra & Company, we make things happen by offering full services that include customized strategies and transformation plans.

Trust and Commitment

Beyond the strategic aspect, we are determined to help organizations create real values, prioritizing social impact through education, health, economic and sustainable development. We focus on the social aspect, because it not only creates a privileged and trusting relationship with our clients, but also opens minds to change and innovation.

Solid Expertise

We mobilize the best talents and the most qualified members of our team, as well as partner organizations, to meet all of our clients’ needs. In addition, our multilingual consultants are, without a doubt, an asset in minimizing the gap that usually occurs due to language and cultural barriers.

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