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Customized learning programs for hotels and catering establishments

In partnership with Oleicum – Hotel & Catering School, Alamaxyra & Company launches a project for the creation of customized training programs in Morocco. Already successfully implemented in Spain, it consists in designing, developing, and carrying out complete, tailor-made training programs for professionals in the Hotel and Restaurant business.

The specificity of this concept is that the training will take place in hotels and restaurants, allowing better exploitation and profitability of the existing infrastructures.

This project is intended not only for active professionals (internal and external), but also for junior professionals (young graduates) wishing to raise their level, strengthen their skills and prepare themselves to meet the requirements of the 21st-century hotel system.

Oleicum – Hotel & Catering School of Jaen, takes us back to its roots: the olive grove of the Sierra De Cazorla, the largest humanized forest on the planet.
The history, culture and gastronomy of “The province of Jaén, one of the eight provinces of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia” revolve around the olive tree. Talking about olive trees and oil in Jaen comes down to talking about the landscape, tourism and gastronomy.
Oleicum is a renowned Andalusian hotel & catering school that offers global training (Bachelors and International Masters), aimed at professionals in the tourism and hotel sector, through a private and accredited training of excellence, recognized throughout the world.


  • To train future professionals in the hotel and catering sector, also to offer a high-level specialization to practicing professionals, thanks to a comprehensive range of training courses in facilities with significant resources, the latest generation teaching equipment and a highly qualified teaching team.


  • Quality in learning programs, teaching staff, equipment and resources.
  • Human warmth in the treatment of students.
  • Equality and social commitment.


  • With oneself: continuous effort and improvement.
  • With others: cooperation and fraternity.
  • With work: precision and perfection.

Our training plans for Morocco

We offer content adapted to each individual’s specific needs. We believe that in-the-field training is the best way to effectively acquire and reinforce skills.
Hotel and catering establishments will be able to offer global or personalized training courses designed to qualify, requalify and retrain professionals.


Training programs of excellence, approved “Bachelors, Masters” diplomas in various hotel, catering and gastronomy fields, open to all those who have big dreams and ambitious projects (students, beginner, etc.).
A model of knowledge transfer based on learning by doing; a method that has been proven and approved by the world’s leading professionals in the sector.


Level 1 (basic/initiation) or level 2 (advanced) courses, of short and long term, in specific fields, aimed at new professionals and senior managers, in order to develop or upgrade their skills and adapt to the new challenges of the work world, which is increasingly demanding in terms of versatility and mastery of new technologies.


Prior learning recognition and validation for professionals who do not have a diploma, through tailor-made training courses leading to official professional qualification certificates in the hotel, catering industry and gastronomy.

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