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NAO: an animation adapted to all kinds of situations

Nao is a humanoid robot measuring 58 cm high. It is now at its 6th version since its first release by SoftBank Robotics in 2006.
Famous all over the world in several fields, it is today a reference in the animation of corporate events.
Nao is a robot that can walk, dance and talk. He is perfect to capture the attention of visitors and awaken their interest.

  • Avec 25 degrés de liberté, ce robot à la capacité de bouger et de s’adapter à son environnement.
  • With 25 degrees of freedom, this robot has the ability to move and adapt to its environment.
  • It uses the 7 tactile sensors distributed on its head, hands and feet, sonars, as well as an inertial system to sense its environment and find its way in space.
  • It is equipped with 4 directional microphones and speakers that allow it to interact with humans.
  • It is equipped with two 2D cameras to recognize shapes, objects and even people.
  • Nao is equipped with voice recognition, which allows it to communicate in 20 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, … ».
  • It has an open and a programmable platform.

In fact, its balanced proportions distinguish it and make it much more attractive than any other automaton on the robotics market.

  • It can be used to give a speech at a company party.
  • It can even be programmed to co-host an event and demonstration at a tradeshow.
  • It is also possible to program it to welcome and interact with guests and visitors to a stand.
  • It can ensure the launch and presentation of new products.
  • It is able to adapt to any venue to make your event a real attraction.

The Nao robot is a powerful communication tool that significantly improves the visibility of any organization.
Think about integrating Nao in your different actions, it will contribute to give a modern and futuristic image to your company.
In addition, the use of technology in general and robotics are an intelligent solution to entertain and captivate any type of audience.
This robot, a “real crowd puller”, remains to this day an innovative solution that arouses interest and reinforces notoriety and market positioning.

Robotic animation: what to choose between renting and buying an event robot?

Currently, event robot rental is a better choice than acquisition.
Besides the rather high purchase price, the costs of maintenance and, if necessary, repair must be taken into account.
For your animation, you can call on the expertise and experience of a professional in robotics.
In this sense, you can tell him your needs and requirements in order to implement everything.
In general, the service includes the supply of complete hardware, programming and even customization.

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