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In an ever-changing world, companies need to strengthen their capacities and skills in a sustainable manner in order to adapt and remain competitive.
Moreover, with the health crisis affecting the entire world, organizations are facing major challenges. To adapt to the new pace imposed by the COVID-19, they are forced to deploy new learning strategies and readapt their working methods.

We work with many companies in all sectors to unlock new work practices, implement new learning solutions and put in place the right organizational structures, processes and tools.
At Almaxyra & Company, we believe that the best approach to create progressive change (individual capabilities) and to ensure sustainable success (corporate performance) is to follow a 5-step program. This program can be adapted to an entire company, a department or a single function.

Identify the future skills and capabilities required to develop the company.

Design effective strategies and solutions for capacity building.

Create a continuous learning program in line with identified needs.

Integrate an individualized learning program adapted to every level of the company.

Measure the impact
Ensure that the solutions put in place create a lasting impact.


Almaxyra & Company, in partnership with the Aula integral de formación company located in Baiza (Spain), offers to develop engaging and practical learning experiences through personalized and proactive e-learning training sessions. We are constantly looking for approaches that help learners to easily acquire knowledge, apply it effectively and be more successful. Regardless of the tools and technologies used, our e-learning solutions include rich, dynamic content and the ability to train and apply knowledge in a virtual environment. Therefore, we first of all identify the needs of the company and the learner, in terms of training. This allows us to carry out a performance mapping and a pedagogical plan, with the aim of matching the objectives to the content of the training courses. Once all the data have been collected, we develop the content, with a focus on design, which has a major impact on learning and execution capabilities.
It is a requirement that employees have the technical, managerial and leadership skills to manage a business and perform at their best. To do so, we first carry out an assessment of the employees' skills. Then we develop a personalized skills improvement program, taking into account individual needs, as well as the social and organizational environment. All our learning programs are first tested internally before being introduced within the company, to ensure their effectiveness. Depending on the needs, we offer face-to-face or online training with access to a modern learning system that respects the individual rhythms of the learners.
The success of a strategy or a company depends not only on the skills and abilities of its employees, but also on the organizational and operational tools used. Companies need better organizational structure, processes and tools to maximize their impact and efficiency. This also ensures a free flow of information within the structure and improves the decision-making process. To promote good governance practices within companies, we work with our clients to help them implement the various operational and organizational tools, IT systems, processes, supply and delivery systems, etc. We also assist our clients in clarifying and redefining roles; in implementing internal communication and empowerment campaigns to align employees with the company's global strategy; and in improving decision-making, customer relationship management, human resources management and corporate resource management tools.
At Almaxyra & Company, we support our clients in identifying capabilities that need to be built or strengthened, with the objective of encouraging them to perceive continuous learning programs as a sustainable competitive advantage. In order to do so, we first carry out an audit and a capacity assessment to determine which ones are necessary for the growth or good functioning of the company. This includes needs in terms of leadership, change management, organizational or strategic development, process streamlining, training engineering and many others. After the assessment, we deliver a capacity report that includes a development program, a schedule and a roadmap that outlines the different stages of the training programs.
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