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KIME : the humanoid bartender

We are the exclusive distributor, in Morocco, of the KIME robot manufactured by MACCO ROBOTICS. It is a humanoid robot that has the capacity to prepare and serve a number of dishes and drinks.
KIME is 2 meters high and has a head, a torso and two articulated arms that it uses to grasp and serve drinks or meals. It masters the art of serving drinks by controlling the pressure, temperature and inclination of the glasses, thanks to careful configuration by its manufacturers.
This Robot-Bar creates all kinds of cocktails in a spectacular way. A pleasant animation, both tastefully and visually, which always makes an impression.
It is the perfect host and bartender for your events! Attached to a carriage, he can easily mingle with the crowd to dispense the drinks of your choice.
The benefits of using this robot in the organization of an event is to serve as entertainment for the guests, in addition to demonstrating the power of this new technology. In the long run, these robots also aim to replace the human workforce, or at least partially.

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