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DOBOT MAGICIAN: an educational robotic arm

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DOBOT MAGICIAN: an educational robotic arm

In order to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology and remain competitive in an increasingly automated world, it is essential that the future generation has a basic knowledge of electronics and robotics. Therefore, it is recommended to integrate these aspects at all levels of school education.


To develop new skills, from elementary school to college, promote student learning by offering them a pedagogical, polyvalent, and intelligent robotic arm specially designed for education: a successful challenge for DOBOT.


This robot developed by Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co., Ltd. has a simple and elegant design. In terms of functionality, it offers gesture-based learning, a multiplicity of control methods (PC, smartphone, motion, voice, brain waves), and easy accessory changing on the nozzle of the robotic arm.


The latter allows the DOBOT Magician robot to:

  • Move and grab objects
  • Print in 3D
  • Engrave by laser
  • Write and draw
  • Etc.

With its 13 interfaces (I/O port, PLC, Communication Protocols, etc.) and 20 programming languages, like C++, C#, Python, Java, Blockly, ROS, PLC, Arduino, Microcontroller, etc., the DOBOT Magician is a great support to develop creativity, discover robotics and industrial vision.


Various accessories can also be added to this educational version, such as a linear rail or a conveyor.

This robotic arm for education is controllable with millimeter precision, from a computer, Mac or Windows, a tablet or a cell phone. It is even possible to develop voice or gesture commands, for example by connecting it to the leap motion (motion sensor) interface.

It offers you a lot of possibilities from the outset, including:

  • Bluetooth module
  • Wifi module
  • « Joystick » (Offline mode)

All resources of the educational robotic arm DOBOT:

User’s guide, online manuals, tutorials, downloads, Youtube channel, English lessons for a better understanding of the DOBOT in class, etc. With DOBOT, the resources are as numerous as they are varied.

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