Dobot Magician: the robotic arm that revolutionizes education

robotic arm and a boy

The main purpose of the DOBOT Magician is to give students the opportunity to understand programming language and to take control of the robotic arm. It’s a real engine of development that will allow them to set up a project, to participate in its implementation from A to Z and to observe the results.

The ability of human beings to find ingenious solutions to problems or difficult tasks is the source of many innovations. Moreover, in a context of modernization and competition around new technologies and digital technology, robotic arms, connected objects, … have become, today, essential tools in everyday life. Therefore, making pupils and students understand how robotic arms work has become a major challenge for the education sector.

What is a robotic arm and what does it do?

In the image of the human arm, the robotic arm is a machine programmed to perform one or multiple tasks, more or less complex, in a fast, efficient and precise way. It is composed of a series of joints that allow it to move objects, assemble them and reproduce most of the movements of a human arm.

Since the discovery of the concept in Leonardo Da Vinci’s diary in the late 1400s, the robotic arm has come a long way. The first prototype was created in 1954 and could only perform rudimentary tasks. Over the years, the various versions have improved and today it can be used for everything, from the construction of electronic components to surgical assistance, including open-heart surgery.

The automotive industry is, moreover, one of the sectors in which the robotic arm has become essential. Almost all automobile construction sites use robotic arms for the assembly of parts and the assembly of cars. Thanks to them, a factory can assemble more than 500 cars in one day, 2 to 5 times more if it operates non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

With robotic arms, the possibilities are endless. In the future, they will continue to evolve and offer new capabilities. That is why it is so important to integrate robotics in schools and universities, in order to familiarize pupils and students with new technologies at an early stage. This is also an opportunity to start preparing them for tomorrow’s jobs.

Dobot Magician: the robotic arm specially designed for education

The DOBOT Magician is a robotic arm specially designed to introduce students to robotics and programming. It was manufactured by Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co. which is one of the leading suppliers of advanced robotics solutions in the world. Although the DOBOT Magician is their top product, their expertise and products go beyond the education field and target sectors such as automobile, healthcare, pharmaceutical and many others.

For the DOBOT Magician, the company focused on simplicity to make it easier to handle and to unleash the creativity of students. The robotic arm offers many possibilities and comes with interchangeable tools that give it the ability to print in 3D, to grab and move objects, to laser engrave, to write, to draw, … It has a programming platform that integrates 20 languages (C++, C#, Python, Java, Blockly, ROS, Automate, …) and 13 extension interfaces (I/O port, PLC, communication protocols, …). Its compact size facilitates mobility; it can be easily moved and installed in a classroom, workshop or other places.

The DOBOT Magician has a lot to offer. It comes ready to use with a complete learning program. The program is established by learning level, from primary to higher education, through the STEAM method. The STEAM method is a pedagogical approach based on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to get students to think by themselves, find solutions, interact and develop their critical thinking.

Some feedbacks of experience

Today more than 3,000 schools, universities and training centers have integrated the DOBOT Magician into their programs. Prestigious schools such as the GEMS Dubai American Academy have adopted the robotic arm to promote education and research in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The 4.0 Training School in Slovenia is using the DOBOT Magician to build production lines to show students between the ages of 10 and 12 how industrial manufacturing works.

At Oxford University, students use the DOBOT Magician to explore robotics, Deep Learning, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Reinforcement Learning. Another example: students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), used the DOBOT Magician for creative projects that were later exhibited at MIT x FAIR 2019.

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