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Dibo disinfection: disinfectant spray robot

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Dibo disinfection: disinfectant spray robot

With the Covid-19 health crisis affecting the whole world, our partner Macco Robotics has decided to launch a study for the design of a disinfecting robot, hoping to contribute to the protection of citizens, the reduction of the risk of infection and the spread of the coronavirus.


The Dibo Disinfection robot combines the best in technology and ergonomics to eliminate all types of viruses.


Dibo Disinfection is able of disinfecting the interior of establishments and furniture in an autonomous way. With its spray nozzles, it effectively releases a disinfectant solution to reduce the spread of viruses. Then, thanks to its numerous sensors (camera, fall detection, etc.), its fixed wheels, its mapping software, and autonomy of 8 hours, it can move easily in space to disinfect an area up to 800m2/h.


The disinfection process carried out by this robot offers an immediate result that kills or eliminates microorganisms and inactivates viruses present in contaminated inert environments.

This robot sprayer can be deployed in hospitals, laboratories, schools, universities, airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, stores, sports halls, offices, factories and other public spaces.

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