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Almaxyra & Company consulting services list is mainly based on our ability to research, analyze, compare, develop and plan strategies, in order to help organizations, make the right choices.

Our clients trust us and count on us to assist them in the definition of clear and practical solutions that meet the many challenges they face.


In order to help you understand and control your market, we put at your service a team of consultants who are highly experienced in market research, able to assist you and offer you the right solutions to meet your problems. We can provide qualitative or quantitative market research in B2B or B2C. In all our projects, we are committed to create a trust-based relationship with our clients. Whether you are a large company, an SME, or an entrepreneur, we conduct your market research project as if it were ours.
Our interventions :
  1. Market research prior to the establishment of a company or business
  2. Sectoral studies
  3. Economic studies countries - regions
  4. Marketing studies
  5. Surveys and polls
Almaxyra & Company is a business catalyst that offers its clients sustainable strategies with an international dimension, to enable them to reach new markets and opportunities. Therefore, we combine our know-how with our experience to generate inclusive growth, respect, dignity and recognition for our partners. We also capitalize on our multicultural identity and our location in Morocco to create a platform between Africa, the Middle East and the Western world. We are, then, your privileged representative in the management of export and international development projects. Based on hard work, we adopt a collaborative approach to propose, step by step, ingenious solutions, sometimes anecdotal, while integrating new technologies in all our decisions. We contribute to cultural development, crossed with economic growth, to help our clients develop their activities internationally.
Our interventions :
  1. Diagnosis of export potential
  2. Study of potential export markets
  3. Export marketing
  4. Identification and connection with potential distributors and partners
  5. Organization of commercial prospecting missions
  6. Translation and interpreting during business trips
  7. Advice, organization and accompaniment to tradeshows, exhibitions and congresses
  8. Approvals, homologations and technical certifications for import - export
  9. Export training
Our action is guided by three principles: agility, simplicity and performance. The goal is to ensure the anchoring of your company in a new market, in Africa, in an immediate way, without risk and without any investment. Our expert consultant puts his strategic expertise at the disposal of your innovation and export growth projects: financing, standards and regulations, intellectual property, economic intelligence and key accounts.
Our interventions :
  1. Definition of a business strategy with an action plan and measurable objectives
  2. Commercial prospecting by our engineers, specialized account managers
  3. Development, animation and loyalty building of a distribution network
  4. Information on the solvency of customers; Advice against the risk of non-payment; Judicial recovery
  5. Management of transport, logistics and customs formalities
  6. Technical assistance and after-sales service
The workforce is an important resource for businesses. Organizations that have the right people in the right positions are able to remain agile and competitive. At Almaxyra & Company, we listen to our clients in order to facilitate their recruitment process in Morocco. From the selection to the contract signing, we remain at your side to advise you and help you identify the best profiles. To do so, we define the profiles you are looking for, draw up and publish the offer, as well as pre-select the candidates, before sending the various CVs and organizing the interviews. Thereafter, we can provide various advices concerning the negotiation of the contractual conditions, but also for the drafting of the employment contract and its formalization, according to the legislation in force in Morocco.
Our interventions :
  1. HR sourcing
  2. Drafting and publication of Job Offers
  3. Selection of candidate
  4. Organization of interviews
  5. Advice and negotiation of contractual conditions
  6. Assistance in the drafting of contracts
The digital revolution goes beyond simply marketing products and services over the Internet. It has turned entire sectors upside down, and the pace is accelerating. Today, many companies are feeling its full impact as robotics, artificial intelligence and connected objects continue to progress. To do this, we help our customers to take advantage of opportunities and avoid various digital threats. We support them in the areas of digital assessment, digital transformation strategies, the incorporation of digital into supply and production chains, and work processes.
Our interventions :
  1. Website creation from the tree structure to the storyboard
  2. Visual and structural design
  3. Inbound marketing and brand content
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Visual Identity
  6. Content writing
Acting responsibly has become an urgent necessity! The world is currently facing major challenges due to climate change and growing inequalities. However, for many political decision-makers and companies, the most difficult thing to do is to include the sustainable development aspect in their short, medium and long-term strategic plans. That's why at Almaxyra & Company, we pride ourselves on helping our clients make a positive impact, using in-depth expertise to assess risks and seize opportunities. We are therefore actively involved in the implementation of decarbonization strategies, the development of sustainable companies, the transformation of governance processes, the promotion of the circular economy, etc.
Our interventions :
  1. Impact studies
  2. Environmental audit
  3. Regulatory watch and Benchmark
  4. Report writing
  5. CSR approach
  6. Carbon footprint
  7. Waste Management
  8. Ecological transition
  9. Training and Awareness
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